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3 benefits of Miami advertising agencies

Posted by HOP Group on Apr 18, 2016 10:42:00 PM

Miami is very well known for its sunny weather and nice beaches but besides that there are a few conveniences, business-wise, that this great city can bring to your business. More specifically hiring Miami advertising agencies will assure you will have these 3 benefits that businesses in other cities will have trouble dealing with.



  1. Bilingual agencies. It is no secret that the Latin American market is increasing throughout the US representing a bigger percentage of businesses’ revenue each year. It is important to recognize this market as a valuable one if your company hasn’t done so. Having a bilingual agencywill allow your product to gain a whole new different awareness among the Latino market and exploit your possibilities in a great way. It is important to communicate your strategies and campaigns properly in order to appeal the Latino market rather than just trying to translate ideas in a mediocre way.
  2. Multicultural agencies. Most of bilingual agencies not only have a gained virtue of speaking Spanish correctly; Miami and people that grew up in the city (and its surroundings) share a mixture of Latin American culture that involves countries from the Caribbean, Central and South America enabling them to understand further more what their interests are and the appropriate language to use in order to appeal these markets. Not every strategy will work the same way as it works for the Latino market and it is important to recognize which methods suit best for each audience.
  3. Identifying new trends. Likewise, identifying new trends among the Latino market will be easier to identify enabling your agency to enhance their campaigns and strategies.

The way Latino and American culture merge in Miami is unique and it’s a reference place to study how both markets differ to learn how to approach them in a similar or differentiated way.

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