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3 skills professional seo services should have

Posted by HOP Group on Mar 4, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Professional seo services can bring great benefits to a company. One benefit involves increasing traffic; even if your business isn’t into e-commerce it will generate product awareness. Often referred to as ROI, the return of investment should also be measured in order to accomplish goals set by an SEO strategy. Alongside these factors an expert should have a certain grade of expertise to reach those goals and show results.


Here are 3 valuable skills an SEO expert should have to fulfill these expectations:


  1. Information architecture. This is one of the most important skills an expert should have. First, it is a must to be acquainted with the product or service offered by a company and also with the market it is targeted to. An expert should be able to know the content that is related to the product and that generates interest in order to increase traffic and also website usability. An expert should be adept to understand a customer journey to properly design and layout a website that appeals the customer in the best possible way.
  2. Link Building and Distribution. This skill involves the expertise to create valuable links strategically distributed to enlarge brand awareness and create traffic. There are certain types of links; Brand name links, naked, keyword, hybrid, and generic links. Brand name links should always have more importance due to the fact that they are more natural and logical to see for a customer. While the naked, hybrid, and generic are not to be used as much simply because it doesn’t offer as much SEO value as the rest.
  3. Content development. A rich and usable content is a key to succeed with an SEO campaign; whenever a stranger decides to explore a site and finds topics of his interest it will be a huge step in the process of turning him into a paying customer. Even if the person doesn’t make a purchase it still derives in an increase of traffic and product awareness.

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