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3 things website design Miami should always include

Posted by HOP Group on Apr 27, 2016, 10:00:00 AM

Running a business is no easy task and managing your budget in the most efficient way is crucial to stay afloat and in business. Developing a website by your own sounds like a money saving task that you could do with a couple of tutorials but it is highly recommended to have it done by a professional who can help you to layout those ideas you might have for your site. Just remember these 3 things website design Miami should always include.


  1. Home page that summarizes your business. On average, random visitors to unknown websites only spend 20 seconds understanding what the site is about. This means that your home page must be visually appealing and easy to scan, where all the information of your business is summarized on that single page. Visitors that understand what your business is about only by taking a look at the home page are more likely to keep reading the whole site.
  2. Contact info on all pages. Although it might sound logical sometimes, websites fall into this silly mistake. Your details should be always visible somewhere on your website. Once you catch a person’s interest they well most likely want to contact you and having to look for contact information can be a waste of time and can make that person lose his or her interest. Specify your address, several phone numbers, and email address.
  3. Google maps. If you have a local business and your website visitors are not willing to contact you right away, but they are still quite interested in your product or service, they will surely want to pay a visit to your store and there is nothing more tedious than having to search on Google to map the address and have the risk of getting it wrong. If you have a Google maps location embedded in your website, potential customers won’t even have to leave your site and perhaps they will round up the courage to pay you a visit.

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