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3 trends in Miami website design

Posted by HOP Group on Jun 29, 2016 9:30:00 AM

There is a long list of trends that have come about recently and are currently used strongly by website developers everywhere. Designs range from very complex to simple and easy to navigate. Depending on the site’s concept, a design can work effectively to deliver a stronger message for a brand. Here we mention 3 trends in Miami website design that are used commonly in websites and have a positive impact.


 Card Layouts

This design helps divide in a very clear layout different sorts of information, using features as size to highlight news and create an easy and friendly stream of information. Accompanied too by visual content, layouts generate an immediate desire to go briefly and quickly through all the headers and descriptions of every card.

This design can easily adapt to sites that hold a great amount of information such as newspapers or magazines.


Scrolling animations

This design is all about visual content and interaction. Once inside the site it will require you to scroll actively in order to find all of the contents of the page. It is simple design yet effective in terms of speed as we find the contents scrolling at our own pace. They can also work in a simpler way without any animation and still give a great fluency to the website’s information in a relaxed way. Some websites have even adopted a limitless-scrolling design, which makes users scrolls “virtually” infinitely to find contents.


Interactive storytelling

This design involves more complex design but it is a great tool to engage visitors with the website from the first glance they take at the front page. It will demand a lot more work from programmers but it can boost the concept of your product through a fun story to engage with on the site. Some create complex history flows that allow you to see the site in different fashions.

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