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8 Best practices of a great Miami web design company

Posted by HOP Group on Sep 23, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Here are some great examples of what best practices are in web design. You should always count on your Miami web design company or anywhere else in the world to incorporate some of these common features.


  1. A search box. A nicely designed yet easy to find search box gives always a great sense of order and information availability to visitors. Some people would rather type in directly what they are looking for rather than looking for things on the windows and menus
  2. The shopping cart. This feature should always by accessible anywhere on the site and its functions should always be working fast and effectively to let customers manage their products.
  3. Progress indicator. Mostly used on online stores, these trackers allow customers to comfortably see what is going with their order and the steps necessary for it to be finished.
  4. Pricing charts. Charts should always be easy to understand, sometimes visitors want to cut to the chase and see what the pricing options are to shop about more easily.
  5. These are basically navigation schemes visible to the user that enables them to see the levels or stages of navigation of a site (eg. Home>product category>product details etc.). This reduces the amount of actions a user has to perform to move back and forth in a site
  6. Calls-to-action. Effective call-to-action buttons rapidly engage with the customer to learn and interact further more with a brand or product inside the site.
  7. Image captions. They add clarity to images and add interest depending on the type of images used as well as the style of the website
  8. Teaser pages. When launching a new product, businesses most likely will want to generate a sense of expectation that can be reached with a properly designed “coming soon” page.

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