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A successful social media campaign

Posted by HOP Group on Jun 27, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Running a prosperous social media campaign can be a key to climb up that extra step, especially if your business is new and is growing. If on the contrary you hold a company that has been active for years a well-done campaign can renew customers and bring more awareness to your brand. There are some factors that can assure you a well-tailored campaign that can generate the impact you expect.


First of all and probably most important of all is to have a good plan that suits your marketing strategy.You should also make sure your goals never conflict as a result of the upcoming campaign. In the plan tasks involve: Allocation of resources, set goals and deadlines, select a team and assign roles and finally identify your target and the channels you will use to promote this campaign.


Each one of the tasks above should be analyzed once the campaign is finished. Think which were the most critical points to decide on, which were more likely accurate and which were not. Make sure to go through your ROI metrics to see what could be improved and changed.


Social media camapigns work on similar basis like giving away products through a contest of some sort, but what make them different are the format and the idea behind the contest. You have to know truly the value behind the product or service you sell and use this value to engage customers to become a part of it. Some of the ideas regard challenges like redesigning your brand’s product by customers. In this case, customers have to invent or simply create a version of your product, which appeals to them more giving you a whole new input of fresh ideas directly from the consumers. There are many ways of engaging customers in a more active way as long as you have an innovative idea and a well carried out plan it is very likely you can generate impact on your customers as well as increase your numbers overall.

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