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Best Mobile Apps of 2015 through the eyes of a social media marketing firm

Posted by HOP Group on Feb 19, 2016 10:30:00 AM

This year, as a social media marketing firm, we saw how some Apps went from popular to incredibly famous in a blink of an eye. Some of the most well-known and increasingly popular apps for this year include WhatsApp owned by the already multimillionaire Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and Twitter of course. These are among the most used social and communications Apps that are probably going to be in our mobile phones for quite a while. It’s not a secret that these have become an essential part of our lives and that there’s even people making huge amounts of money with their users/profiles.


It’s also worth mentioning that 2015 witnessed a great amount of new apps due to the Internet access each country, each city and almost any corner in the world has. It’s become easier to create your own App to suit any need. We should also mention which music, games, storing, traveling, location and transportation apps were on the spotlight this year. To name a few: Spotify, Youtube, Foursquare + Uber (newly integrated service), Google Maps, Dropbox, Google Drive, Airbnb, Candy Crush, and Netflix. The list could go on, as there are plenty of useful apps that make up every person’s day.

As of 2015 a whole new bunch of apps have been developed and they can be useful for your daily activities and tasks or if you’re looking for something fun to do or look at. Here we bring up what are some of the highlights of this year’s apps that are definitely worth your time. Microsoft Word App: this application is surely useful to do your docs on the go without having to wait to get to your laptop. Invoice2Go: for any kind of business you can create invoices using different templates to keep your information organized and track all of your transactions on your phone. Duolingo is probably one of the best apps for learning languages from Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese to Dutch, Swedish and of course English (now available for Android). Finally, Addblock Browser will let you dodge all of the annoying ads you get when browsing websites and will help you avoid malware. As you see, APP development is growing really fast. Do you have a great idea for a mobile app?

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