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Biggest fears an entrepreneur faces when starting a business

Posted by HOP Group on Jul 27, 2016 10:00:00 AM

It would be a lie to say that starting a business is easy if you follow the rules, that’s why many entrepreneurs face huge challenges to make it past the first couple of years while a business picks up and starts showing results. These are some of the biggest fears an entrepreneur faces when starting a business.


Most of these fears are self- inflicted; a fear of failure is one of the common examples of how an entrepreneur blocks him or herself to dare to start a business. 

There is no easy way to overcome these fears, the truth is that it’s more likely for your starting business to fail than to succeed on the first try statistically speaking, but failing is not the end of the world.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has presumably filed bankruptcy 4 times for his different corporations due to unpaid loans. Other multi millionaires such as Bill Gates have also filed bankruptcy, which means even sustaining a multimillion-dollar, and globally - known corporation is a big challenge. The chance of failure will always be there, so to be a real entrepreneur you should always be ready to face the worst scenarios. What matters is how much you can learn from that failure and understand what went wrong and what had to be improved. 

There are ways to reduce the chance of failure and that is by finding professional support. A professional marketer for example, can help you reach and analyze targeted customers to understand what are your chances of exploiting that segment.

A marketing professional can also help your business develop faster by enhancing your presence in social media as well as improving your rankings in web search results by working with an SEO strategy. 

Get professional help to back you up in those fields in which you lack expertise, that way you assure yourself a better preparation to assume negative situations.

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