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Cheap SEO packages vs. scalable and affordable SEO

Posted by HOP Group on Feb 26, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Hiring an SEO firm can be considered a high investment yet it certainly is a worthy one, and although your company may not have much cash flow, there is a possibility to scale your SEO process to help you get results and slowly build up to a more complex program. Always look for affordable and stay away from cheap SEO packages which are usually not of any value at all.


Initially a simple SEO plan can help you tackle some of the most immediate problems without having to dig too deep into your website. A short skim of your website done by an expert can bring up some of the most common mistakes company’s make with their website which brings them down the ranks on search engines (link to 5 SEO blunders blog). Factors like a broken link or doubled content can be a huge holdback for your entire business pulling your site down the ranks due to Google’s algorithms that immediately identify this as poor content.


An expert can easily solve these issues without demanding a huge budget. Of course as your business starts developing and growing, a more complete SEO plan can help you optimize your site and bring you to a better-positioned rank. Always take into account that hiring an SEO firm is not a 1-month job but a company’s mid to long-term contract, as it will maintain your ranks high through a well-planned strategy that is always moving and transforming to constantly expand and reach new markets, and to be up-to-date with the latest search engine trends.


This way of scaling slowly into a better SEO plan can be an affordable solution for your business constantly finding new opportunities to expand and optimize your site’s performance. A well done website is essential to accomplish your business goal and reach more targeted customers interested in what you sell.

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