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Posted by HOP Group on Feb 9, 2016 8:32:20 PM

We’ve put a lot of thought in the type of content that we should publish in HOP Group’s blog. After hours of brainstorming and really getting in touch with our client’s needs, we have come up with the following decision: We want a Blog that explains to you – A Business Owner - in simple words the technicalities and confusing stuff of the Digital World and how your company can benefit from it. We want to open up a space for any business owner, client or not, to ask questions, comment and find a group of professionals in the digital industry who are always available to offer advice, explanations and any other support that you may need. We are strong believers that the more people understand Websites, Social Media, Blogging, etc. our work and the industry’s work is going to be better valued; and in return all our clients -and business owners in general - are going to be able to take better advantage of all the benefits the Digital World can offer a company’s branding, growth and in the long run sales initiatives. That's why our motto is "Helping Small Businesses Online".


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