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How to hire a social media networking firm?

Posted by HOP Group on May 13, 2016 10:00:00 AM

How well are you doing on your social media networking? Are you satisfied with your results? Have you hired a social networking firm that suits you right? Here's a practical guide on "How to hire a social media networking firm." 


First it is paramount to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media marketing. Analyze if your customers are communicating through messages or posts, think if your products are reaching to new customers, test if your network exposure is sufficient, check if any of the new customers first heard from your company on social media and how positive was their response. These kinds of metrics are a key to understand how your market behaves and how well your social media marketing is doing. After you hire a social media marketing firm it becomes the eyes, ears and voice of the company creating a whole bulk of information that must be analyzed and worked thoroughly to have you on top. There are some factors you need to look into before hiring a social media firm.


  • How well do they understand your market, determine if the company has sufficient knowledge of what your product or services are and how they work.
  • Ask for past and current examples of campaigns they are in charge of and see how they appeal to you.
  • Ask them about ideas for your own business as well as how they would manage negative responses and feedback.
  • Ask for previous or current clients to see how they do on their social networking.

If you find an appropriate firm that fulfills your needs with great quality there is also a chance of developing social partnering with the firm to further exploit both companies’ exposure. In co-branding, for example, one may help another to raise their profile as well as the amount of people both reach. Other strategies such as partnership prizes or giveaways can draw bigger attention and exposure in return of goods for the customers. These are some examples of how teaming up can bring both companies great benefits such as higher exposure to customers and more active campaigns.

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