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A good internet marketing consultant is the perfect ally

Posted by HOP Group on Feb 24, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Alliance is definitely one of the key points in improving your local market and even further markets. If you are running a small business and you’re seeking for new ways to increase awareness of your brand, then alliance is one of the points you must take into consideration. Up to 80% of customers find local businesses online rather than on the street so it makes sense to have local alliances with other thriving businesses that can bring two – way benefits.


One of the most immediate benefits of an internet marketing consultant will be an increase in traffic. You will want to ally with a business whose website is up to date and well developed. Both your business and your ally´s have to follow strict SEO standards to successfully achieve your goals. Some basic factors such as mobile phone compatibility, clear information architecture and usability and well maintained links in general should be settled. From there you will be able to rely on backlinks in both pages that can help customers from each site to notice the ally´s website.

Another solid way to increase the two way flow of customers is offering promotions and discounts on each site. If you find your alliance to be strong both can carry out a strategy together and jointly set goals weather it is in revenue or in traffic. Both parties can follow some local marketing tips to enhance their position locally.

You can ally with various local businesses in your area, even if you are not related in a clear way, your future ally will always be interested in increasing their traffic and awareness. There are examples of businesses which ally with more than a hundred other companies, of course it should not be done all of a sudden, one must evaluate the performance of each alliance and rule out those which are not working to avoid plain spamming of your brand.

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