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Miami SEO experts: Good vs Bad Practices

Posted by HOP Group on Apr 13, 2016, 9:00:00 AM



  • Allow duplicate content. A mediocre SEO company will be careless enough to let this happen.
  • Broken Links. This is one of the most dreadful mistakes because of the impact it can have on rankings.
  • Keyword stuffing. This is one of the methods an ordinary SEO company will use to rank higher but it won’t be long until crawlers detect this bad practice.
  • Website that is no responsive. Pages that look great on your computer but not on other devices such as tablets or phones will not rank well.
  • Over-do guest posting for the sake of increasing your traffic can end up in poor customer response.
  • Too many ads in the website can also affect your ratings greatly besides deteriorating the quality of the site.
  • Slow websites. This ranking factor is not taken into account and it can affect rankings greatly. Faster sites will always rank better than slow ones.




  • Miami SEO experts should always look out for possible duplicate information on all pages.
  • Constant link maintenance should be enough to stay out of trouble with broken links 
  • An appropriate selection of keywords is set by a good SEO company to appeal a more accurate target.
  • Dedicate some time to revise and monitor your site in different kinds of devices and whenever you update your pages check for functionality
  • Always look for ways to post guest links inside your own market niche to assure targeted customers and receive greater response.
  • It is fine to publish ads in a site in a moderate and balanced way without interfering with its main purpose 
  • Always look for ways to optimize the speed of websites; a site that can load in around the 4 seconds mark can accomplish way better rankings.

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