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Top 3 local SEO  strategies for an online marketing solution

Posted by HOP Group on Mar 2, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Here are some basic tips to start building or enlarge your online marketing solution. Wether you do e-commerce or not it is necessary to be up to date with your digital promotions to keep up with your competitors. There are a few different factors compared to your usual SEO strategy to take into account as part of a succesful online marketing solution.


  • Claim your My Business page

Setting up your Google´s My Business page is the first step in your local strategy. Describe your business in depth and include photos of your place. Photos help future visitors get a grasp of the place they would spend their time and money in and the quality of the place you hold, so include as many photos as possible. Maintain your address and phone numbers up to date; this will be essential for visitors as well as your opening days and schedule. You will more likely want to have your NAP (name, address and phone number) in every page in your website to help customers find your information as quickly as possible.


  • Get local reviews

Feedback from local customers is an essential part to build a good image in your local market. People rely a lot more on real feedback from real customers rather than reading a review from a one-time visitor journalist or critic. Always find regular customers to write a review on your page and in return offer them promotions to reward their loyalty.


  • On-page and Off-page SEO

Try using a keyword plus your region or city in either your URL, tags (h1, h2..) or page images. Find business related events or places that can help you build new links and allies to enhance your brand awareness. Advertising on local press can be of great help. Not only a paid ad will help, but also getting someone to write a review of your product or service or writing a column your self can greatly improve the awareness of your brand.

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