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Social Media Marketing Firm talks about Facebook

Posted by HOP Group on Feb 16, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Facebook: The Marketing Changer

Everyone is on Facebook. Well, actually not everyone, but about 1.5 billion people. The people that have a Facebook account use it to reconnect with old friends, stay in touch with family members, see what acquaintances are up to, and basically spend part of their leisure time. Facebook was created for people and their social interactions online. However, if we go quite a few years back, we’ll notice that not only social interactions are happening on Facebook. In fact, marketers at companies have discovered that Facebook is the new marketing game changer. And, of course, Facebook noticed this as well.

What’s happening today on Facebook? Basically, people are interacting with other people, but they are also doing the same with companies. Facebook users can actually make a more informed purchase decision just by researching what other people have to say about a company on Facebook. Likewise, Facebook users can easily contact directly a company rep. on that Social Network for customer service or follow that company to see it’s latest news. So what’s the beauty of this for B2C marketers? The greatest benefit of Facebook is direct contact with the potential customer. A good social media marketing firm can truly understand their audience and actually develop a highly targeted and well-thought digital marketing campaign.


To explain the importance of Facebook for B2C marketing, just look at Facebook’s Ad Manager. Just as an example, an ad campaign can be targeted to women aged 15 to 35, who live in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, have expressed and interest in pages related to Fitness and Wellness, and their Facebook status is In a Relationship. When did marketers ever think this kind of targeting could actually be possible? Social Media Marketing is definitely a MUST for any business today, even if it’s in a B2B market (we’ll have another post about this). Oh, and just to remind you how important Social Media has become, according to CNN Money, Facebook is worth $245 billion.

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