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The importance of email marketing

Posted by HOP Group on Apr 15, 2016 9:00:00 AM

To some email marketing may sound old-fashioned but the truth is it is still as important as any other type of marketing strategy. A significant percentage of customers have reported that they like receiving offers and news by email, different to cold calling, clients can view emails at any time without interfering with their duties.


It is important to create a direct link between potential customers rather than trying to spam people’s mail to see whom it appeals. A great way to attract new visitors as well as old customers is to offer promotions and giveaways during a visit to your website or you may also include them in transactional emails such as welcome email, purchase confirmations, delivery confirmations and so on. 

Change your strategies from time to time, of course it is important to sell your products and offer them but an email can become more powerful if you offer something else, something that is free. Educate your customers; offer blogs, reviews and information that appeal the customer. This will enhance your relationship creating a thrust link with what your emails are about.

For a small and growing business it is mandatory to begin to know potential customers, what are their interests, what do they study, what kind of job they have. Such information will be crucial to define an efficient strategy around what your customers want to read, hear and see. This will help you to humanize your business making it more customer-friendly.

Find which time is more opportune to deploy your campaigns, usually a person will check his email almost 15 times a day but it is more likely they have spare time at night to read an offer or a blog and dig into a website to find more information.

A well-developed email strategy will help you gain product awareness and will help you cultivate a more one to one relationship with your customers.

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