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Posted by HOP Group on Sep 20, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Often young entrepreneurs will want to take on every opportunity to develop new business forgetting their main focus. It is important to avoid having too much on one’s plate or else you will more likely end up performing in mediocre manner and losing thrust. Focus on your main aims and take on challenges that you know you will be able to fulfill with quality and effectiveness.


Once your business is on its way up it is important to evaluate all sorts of risks that can put your business at stake here are a few you will want to study:

  • Financial risks: If you are working based on a loan there is a risk of non-compliance for example. Liquidity as well is another great factor to always have into account
  • Operational risk: Take into account possible administrative risks that might come up in the future
  • Legal risks: These are referred to as legal policies and regulations that ought to be covered for your business to maintain operations running
  • Seasonal risks: Evaluate if your business is based on specific season market and take measures to cover off season operations
  • Environmental risks: Basically natural disasters that can be common in certain areas of your city or country

Schedule and program as much as you can foresee, this way you can always have reminders of upcoming payments and dues. Planning will also help you prepare for hard times and crisis.

Overestimate your expenses; that way you can also have a backup margin to avoid putting yourself on a vulnerable spot, this is also part of planning.

As well as overestimated expenses, it’s always useful to overestimate deliveries and operating times. During your first months as a company owner it is probable that you undergo unexpected nuances that can delay supply, delivery etc. While you find standard time for operations it’s always good to have an unexpected delay time in mind.

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