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Tips on how to use Linkedin for your business

Posted by HOP Group on May 16, 2016 10:00:00 AM

LinkedIn is the third most used social network behind Facebook and Twitter. It enables you to connect, in a professional way, to other colleagues, employees, employers and other professionals related to you or your career. Having a great LinkedIn profile can help you settle business with other partners and bring interest to more people related to your business gaining awareness among colleagues and insights into what other partners might be up to. Take note of the following suggestions on how to use Linkedin for your business.


  • Be sure to customize your URL before anything, you probably want to have your own name or an accurate name of your own or your business.
  • Optimize your page’s layout. It is important to have an appropriate layout that people can find compelling, if you are not sure of what to use then try visiting related LinkedIn pages to find a reference.
  • Create showcase pages to display a little bit more of what your company is about. These pages work as extensions of your main page and can be targeted for specific visitors of your site.
  • Update your page regularly and create posts on a regular basis. This will keep your visitors acquainted on what is going on, what is new or what is coming up. LinkedIn targeting options will allow you to segment the visibility of your posts based on different characteristics such as industry, geography, language and so on making your posts more effective.
  • Add Pulse to your LinkedIn page to be updated on the latest trending topics regarding your industry and interests. You can also sign up for email news and notifications.
  • Connect with potential customers or suppliers on LinkedIn using advanced search options, and always stay alert for new business opportunities.
  • According to HubSpot, LinkedIn is the highest visitor to lead convertor above Facebook and twitter. It is worth analyzing LinkedIn Ads and sponsored updates and see how well this works for your business.

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