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Trust your marketing agency Miami, avoid 3 digital marketing mistakes.

Posted by HOP Group on Mar 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Apart from the basic tasks you must carry out when launching a digital marketing campaign, like setting your goals and strategies, there are certain mistakes anybody can fall into and should avoid to reach those goals. It is important to find a way to measure the success of a digital campaign weather it’s with analytics or ROI achievements, a good campaign should always be supported by reaching positive numbers and the help of a good marketing agency miami.


  • Not knowing your customers

There are many companies that can help you create a “buzz” around your business making people know it one way or another. But if you don´t know who your real customers are or who they might be you might not be getting through to the right people. A lack of market research will blind you from who your real target is. It is not difficult to find out who they are, if you have sold a few products or have had website visits then those people are your first lead to find the right target. Look into the people and to the information that relate to them even beyond gender and age and education.

  • Website not responsive

For 2016 it is a must to have your website running smoothly in any device weather it is a phone or tablet to avoid being ranked poorly. Furthermore the website has to interact with the customer in a more dynamic way so that they find enough tools to exploit its usability. It is discouraging to find a website that performs in an odd way and is difficult to use. It creates negative feedback and it lowers an image not only of the website but of the whole company.

  • Outsourcing customer service

The outcome of this decision can be dreadful. Letting an unrelated person take care of your customer needs, requests and complaints is a delicate matter that should be dealt as personally as possible. An unhappy customer will spread the word easily of how unsatisfying his or her experience was, leaving you in a compromising and inexcusable situation.

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