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What are Inbound Marketing services? What are its benefits?

Posted by HOP Group on Sep 10, 2016, 10:00:00 AM

A new way of digital marketing has appeared in the last few of years and it’s called inbound marketing. 

The lack of response regular marketing was having in people made a turn of direction towards new methods of marketing. In typical marketing, publicity played an important role by using media such as TV, billboards, magazine ads, posters and perhaps radio. In the digital world cold emails, digital posters and pop ups are the kind of strategies that are commonly used.


Now although some of these channels are still used by some companies, marketers found out that most of them drive little to no attention and were conceived sometimes as interruptive and annoying, meaning they reached potential customers at a rather inconvenient time.

As a result, new methods were created to appeal people in a different way, instead of invading them with undesired deals; brands offer useful content through blogs, videos, or articles that could be of their interest.

This content can then be laid out in social media, web pages, blogs or any other method of digital media that can be found easily by people whom it might interest.

The way people search for this information on the Internet also transformed digital marketing and now marketers focus towards the way people search for certain information. What keywords do they use? How often do they search for information? When? Where?

Inbound marketing services were born as a way to understand what customers needs are and also what is behind their interests. These contexts can be analyzed in order to gain valuable insights that enable marketers to create better strategies that can appeal the right people. Although there are multiple tools that allow deep analysis, inbound marketing is still developing to create new ways of working.

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