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What I need to know about websites

Posted by HOP Group on May 4, 2016 9:00:00 AM

3 trends in website design - A cool looking website design will definitely help you bring visitors’ attention. Picking the right design can help you get the attention from the right people. Here are some trending designs that can help you boost your website’s response and answer that sometimes overwhelming question "what I need to know about websites".


  1. Rich Animations. Animations can enhance user experience in a great way and can be used almost anywhere on a site. From large scale to small-scale animations, this can become a great tool to enrich the concept and image of your brand. Interactive menus that activate with the mouse can also enhance a user’s experience and create a greater impact on new visitors. Animated galleries or slideshows, for example, can work to display a large amount of products, options or just plain pictures of your work. Whereas hidden menus will demand a visitor to scroll through the main page to discover different menus and options. There are also simpler animated tools such as animated loading or buffering bars that can help waiting times become friendlier.
  2. UI Patterns. Although UI patterns have become more and more common in each website, it has made website functionality become easier to understand. So for example checkout menus and log in menus will likely have the same pattern making it easier to find and use by any person. It doesn’t mean it can’t have some sort of animation that can enrich the experience but in the end it will be convenient to stick to the basics for some features of the site.
  3. Long-scroll. This design has become trendier lately. It allows customers and visitors to discover a whole site by scrolling downwards in a sole unique page. It becomes easier and faster to navigate and goes straight to the point without having to load different menus and options. However, websites that have this type of design have several SEO issues, due to the lack of inner pages.

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