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What is a Florida SEO strategy?

Posted by HOP Group on Apr 4, 2016 10:00:00 AM

An SEO company will help your website show up in a list of results that a search engine, such as Google, will bring up when someone searches a certain word or phrase. These words or phrases are considered keywords and are one of the concepts an Florida SEO strategy has to deal with when planning a strategy. A “spider” or algorithm is used by search engines to crawl websites and help create site rankings. So here are some basic components an SEO strategy should take into account.


The first thing that spiders read are keywords, these are set by an SEO expert depending on the kind of product or service you have. So let’s say you sell guitars; some common research people might do on search engines would be perhaps “best guitars of 2015”, “newest guitars”, or “ultimate rock guitar”. An SEO strategy will try to set the most suitable keywords that your targeted customers will look for. Similar to keywords there are meta tags and page descriptions, which hold a group of keywords that can match to a web search in order to rank higher. This will also have to be targeted to a specific public.

Another important element in SEO is the creation of content, which will help not only for keyword finding but also for a positive customer experience. This means customers will find more value while they surf a site helping them find more of what they are looking for and maybe other possible products or services they might be interested in.

These are some elements that are key to SEO good practices. A strategy will go through all of the factors involved in these topics such as customer language, customer journey, search alternatives, and more. At the end of the day a well carried out strategy will maintain your website high ranked and with healthy traffic.

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