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What is a local SEO company and what can it do for your business?

Posted by HOP Group on Sep 6, 2016 10:00:00 AM

For small companies, SEO can be a key to grow and get on the map to reach targeted customers, but with constrained budgets it can be tricky.

Search engine optimization is all about making your company visible to your town, city and the world through search engines to then engage customers with great content (blogs, videos, articles etc.). This is where marketing efforts should be focused on for a successful SEO campaign. First you have to be aware of what your customers’ interests might be to deliver the right content. This will push new visitors into your website, looking to find information that is rich and useful for their lives. Content plays a major part in SEO; from here you can deploy multiple strategies that can also enhance traffic to your site.


To be able to rank successfully on search engines first you have to tidy up your site as much as possible. Things among this list are important for web crawlers to evaluate your site positively: 

  • Title tags (title keywords)
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Check you name, addresses and phones match on Google place
  • Responsive site (viewable in mobile devices)
  • Submit to local directories and citations
  • Get testimonials and reviews from customers

Any improvements that can be done will turn valuable for your rankings. What is most important to be successful locally should be how much activation you can find on local networks such as directories, citations, magazines etc.

Also, a good local SEO company can’t be limited to content, companies have proved so by changing the type of media they offer. Some have become apps, others work as games and gambling sites and others work solely as communities. In the latter it will be visitors and customers the ones who will create content and will keep the site busy. Communities can be an affordable solution to grow locally and start appealing to new people.

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