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Why Marketing Directly to Latinos Matters

Posted by HOP Group on Apr 14, 2017 8:00:00 AM

It has been said many times before: the Latino market is the future market. Marketing to Latinos in America will need more than just a mere understanding of their language and their culture. A lot of brands are beginning to realize the power that this market holds, and their survival will depend on how well they market their products directly to the Latino consumer. Here is why marketing directly to Latinos matters.makerting-to-latinos.jpg

  • Growing Latino Population

Marketing to Latinos is relevant because their population in the United States is rapidly increasing. Their population between the years 2010 and 2015 accounted for half of the population growth in the entire country. These numbers are predicted to continue growing over the next years, and if it tells marketers anything, it's that Hispanics in the U.S. will soon overtake the entire market. Companies and brands need to start building a foundation with Latinos, for they are growing to become an influential force in the growth of most industries in the U.S.

  • The Latino Culture

Brands that market to the Latinos needs to do more than selling themselves, they need to interact with customers, make them feel relevant to the company’s business. These consumers need to be addressed on a personal level. They need marketers to reach out to their cultural, linguistic, religious, and societal heritage without making it so obvious. With the Latino consumer, trying too hard will push them away, and not trying at all is not any better. This is the reason why the Hispanic Market requires direct and personal attention from marketers – because unlike other consumers, the Latino consumer is deeply rooted in family values and strong community bonds. The Latino consumer comes from a diverse and somewhat complex culture, by marketing directly to them; companies have a chance to understand their background, their history, their present conditions, and therefore, their needs.

  • Changing Hispanic Trends

The digital, social, financial, and general trends of the Hispanic consumer grow with time. About 10 million Hispanics spend six or more hours of their day watching mobile video. This is just an example of the online trends that this market possesses.

There is more to know than the fact that companies have to connect with this market directly. In fact, knowing why, how, and for how long the Latino consumer does what they do will help brands penetrate this market in bigger and better ways.


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