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3 Skills to look for in a digital marketing consultant

Posted by HOP Group on Sep 5, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Are you looking for a new digital marketing consultant to advise you with new strategies? Do you want to look for a more experienced professional to look for new ideas? With the growing potential of Internet to find new customers and markets, companies are re-designing marketing strategies to broaden their reach and expand their share. If you are looking to renew these strategies and you’re searching for a new marketing consultant here is some advice about what to look for in your new teammate. 


  • Digital marketing savvy.

Digital marketing has changed its ways, printed publicity or cold emails, for example, are no longer considered effective methods to reach customers. Instead, marketing has steered towards new digital media such as search engine optimization, social media and digital PR. Your marketing consultant should be an expert using tools to develop and work on these areas adequately. New digital marketing is about fresh ideas to engage with customers more actively and stimulate their interest in a more direct way.

  • Dedicated consultant

Marketing agencies can automate a big deal of information and notices to monitor different companies’ performance at the same time. This allows agencies to work with more customers with the same amount of employees in charge. In marketing though, it is preferable to have a more specialized and direct agency that can constantly put you up to date with campaigns and results as well as the possibility to work hand in hand to optimize strategies and plans. Look for a consultant that can dedicate more time to work on your needs; this will guarantee he or she will always be on the look out for new ideas and opportunities to optimize your projects.

  • Understand SEO

SEO can be a key to a flourishing company that is looking for customer awareness.

A consultant should be aware of these methods and should lay down strategies to develop SEO in a profound way. Make sure your consultant understands and explains clearly what SEO objectives are and what are the results expected based on the strategies.

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