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5 common mistakes found at Orlando Internet marketing companies

Posted by HOP Group on Sep 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM

For startups and other businesses developing marketing strategies, it is easy to fall in one of these common mistakes, sometimes they can take a heavy toll on companies by having them spend money that never returns and makes little to no ROI (return on investment). Orlando internet marketing companies should avoid the following.


  1. Detail 

Business owners sometimes ignore the lack of power detail can have. When it comes to marketing it is always important you make sure that everything is well covered, for example every text should be smoothly written online and offline. Every link on a web site should be working, options should always be available and running properly, information should be clear and things should be easy to find on web sites. Remember that details speak for themselves; they can tell how professional your business is.

  1. Rushed joint ventures

Indeed a joint venture can be really healthy for both parts in terms of brand visibility, access to new markets and many other possibilities it brings, but it is important to understand which companies can truly work as fruitful allies. Take into account the sector of the market that both sides aim to, are they related somehow? Could an alliance increase the scope of the brands?

  1. Lack of brand consistency

How to know if your brand has enough consistency? You should be able to describe it in one single phrase. Consistency and brand identity consolidate your image in the market so pay attention again to every detail that can make your image even more solid and sellable.

  1. Poor reaction to customer feedback

Customers are what your business is all about and taking care of their feedback is mandatory. It is impossible to have a 100% rate of satisfaction so it is important to always be aware that there will be negative feedback to which you should react immediately and find ways to relive customer discomfort.

  1. Overloading a marketing channel

It is really hard that a single marketing formula can work all of the time, it is more likely that your strategy becomes saturated and boring after a few months. Always try to find ways to change your means and strategies through the use of different channels.

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