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5 Marketing hacks for startups in Orlando

Posted by HOP Group on Sep 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM

In a time where starting a business can be done at the comfort of your own house, startups are becoming more and more common popping up every day around the world. This has made it harder though for brand new companies to bring the attention of their desired audiences, which is why many recur to marketing plans in Orlando that can broaden their visibility to the world.


Here are a few marketing hacks you can try along your Orlando marketing agency or just by yourself if you haven’t found the right one. 

  • Free giveaways

This is a very common strategy, plain and simple, because it draws attention immediately. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Apart from having people to know your brand it is a chance of knowing them too. Finding more about your audience gives you very valuable information that can drive future marketing campaigns across different sectors of the market.

  • Create content

Weather it is blogs, articles or videos, people are always interested in information that can be useful or simply fun to read or watch. Content will prove to be one of the key parts of marketing strategies for your startup in the future so it is important to start developing a content strategy that can appeal to your audience.

With the content created for your web page you will be able to enhance your social media presence. Try to use keywords inside that content under which people might look for related products on the web, you will increase your chances of people randomly finding you while looking for certain range of products.

  • Joint venture

Think of brands that could work as allies for your company; that way you can both share a wider range of audiences and reach a greater amount of people. Through joint ventures free giveaways can also work incredibly.

  • Spread the word

It is more likely that you visit a site, a store or a restaurant if somebody recommends it to you. Find people that can spread the word of your business. That is the most effective way you can get to your real audience.

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