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Common Miami web design blunders

Posted by HOP Group on Sep 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM

To perform web design accurately it is important to understand where things might go wrong. Sometimes designers tend to center a lot on creative processes forgetting to be practical and customer-focused. Simple mistakes can have a very negative impact on sales, customer interest as well as search engine rankings. To avoid negative outcomes here is a list of common blunders to be considered by Miami web design companies and anywhere in the world.


  • Navigation design

Although there are many known styles of website layout, sometimes during creative processes designers tend to forget about practicality. When this happens, information becomes hard to find which usually discourages visitors easily. A website can be a cool place to navigate but it is important to take into account what customers are looking for. Is it directions? Is it product information? Is it service information? Do they want to get a quick quote?

  • Background music and media

This can be really disturbing and although it is well intended it is more likely to scare a visitor that is not expecting sound. This happens when music or videos are automated to play as soon as the visitors go on to the page, in the worst scenarios people can have their volume all the way up and even be wearing headphones giving them a jump and a really unpleasant welcome.

  • Inconsistent layouts and menus

Every page of the site has to be harmoniously designed to deliver a sense of coziness and amenity. Broken links or dead ends on webpages can be so discouraging that it might have visitors bounce off immediately with a terrible image of your business.

  • Not responsive

By now every site should be responsive to be readable easily on any mobile device weather it is a tablet or a phone. It is crucial for your site to be responsive and have the same ease of use as on the computer.

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