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Email Marketing tips for small business owners

Posted by HOP Group on Feb 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM

For any kind of company offering a product or service it is essential to know about e-mail marketing and how this can boost your figures. Sending e-mails became a sophisticated art in the world of marketing due to the bulk of e-mails you receive every day; knowing how to charm a customer to open the door to your business is part of what this new industry began to offer. The problem of receiving such a large amount of e-mails is that it makes them prone to be filtered or rejected. This is when digital marketing agencies play an important role - here are some email marketing tips for small business owners.


There are two basic types of e-mails: Transactional and Direct. The first group refers to emails sent to inform about transactional operations such as bills, receipts, orders, and confirmations or password resets. These tend to be automated responses but they can also work to introduce more promotional information that might bring attention to new products and services. They can also be a tool to get direct feedback from customers, which can be used to improve transactions and performance.

Direct e-mails tend to be plainer in terms of offering a specific promotion or discount. These are more prone to be rejected because they fail appealing the customer. In this scenario, a good digital marketing agency will help you get through to the customers you want. For example, using a really catchy subject line that drags the customer to open an e-mail or making a more effective display of information that helps the customer find what he wants.

There are many clear advantages of email marketing; it’s faster, easier, and cheaper than other marketing strategies. It will also help you create awareness of your product and it will help create customer fidelity, which are part of the bedrock of your business and an essential plus for growth. Find out about many other email marketing tips from our experts, contact us to set up your FREE marketing assessment.

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