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Understanding Hispanic Cultural Values: 3 Ways Home Improvement Marketers Can Push Their Sales

Posted by HOP Group on Mar 13, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Hispanics are posting interesting statistics for marketers in the modern America. More than 17% of the American population constitutes Hispanics. Over the past year, the buying clout of these demographics has hit the $1 trillion mark. Unfortunately, some home improvement marketers still don't know how to engage this group of consumers. To engage these consumers, you need to understand the Hispanic culture values and their way of life.


Struggle to build relationships and transactions will follow

One thing that is common among Hispanic culture values; Hispanics tend to seek personal interactions with other people. They are more relationship-oriented than their non-Hispanic counterparts. Before making any decision, they want to feel comfortable and adequately informed.

To them, quality is everything. They don’t bother about the quantity aspect. When it comes to gaining their trust and loyalty, every marketer in the home improvement industry needs to understand the importance of building solid relationships during the initial stages of the interaction and try as much as possible to maintain the connection.

As part of fulfilling the Hispanic culture values, engage them at a personal level, listen to their needs when it comes to home improvement and try to answer their questions satisfactorily. You should engage them in a way that makes them feel comfortable and appreciated. If you can do this, be sure to have a huge chunk of returning Hispanic customers.

Involve family

The family is one of the most important Hispanic culture values which no marketer can afford to ignore. Don't overlook the aspect of a family in your marketing messages, events, and images. You should try to position your firm as that firm which intends to educate and entertain the entire Hispanic family including children.

Hispanic women play a crucial role in purchasing decisions. Speak to the Hispanics in a way that appeals to their values, aspirations, and interests. Provide suitable solutions that will help them advance.

They are drawn to rewards

Just like other Americans, Hispanics are savvy spenders and savers. In fact, most of them tend to buy products when they are on sale although they may not respond well to any price increase in future. Adding a reward for your best customers may go a long way in building sustainable relationships with them.

Research conducted by Latinum Network found that coupons tend to attract so many Hispanic consumers and as a result they were willing to accept ads on mobile phones in return for coupons and other rewards. Here you have it, some key points to boost your sales in the home improvement industry from within Hispanics. 

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