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Social Media Firm Topic: Is Facebook right for my business?

Posted by HOP Group on Feb 11, 2016 11:00:00 AM

We are going to be discussing many different aspects of what a good ally as a social media firm should offer clients throughout our Blog. We wanted to dedicate this one to talking about how appropriate Facebook is for a company. Many clients contact us to handle their social media and during our first meetings we have identified that business owners want to start using Facebook because “everybody else has it”. This is the point that we want to analyze in this blog. We are all aware that Facebook and social media in general have had its boom in the last couple of years. But as a business owner you need to think beyond the tendency and think about it from a strategic point of view. There are many benefits social media, including Facebook, can offer businesses but are you ready to start a social media presence through Facebook?


Many business owners think that Facebook is the answer to all their marketing needs, but what is the real objective you will have with your Facebook page? To start off with, handling a business Facebook page is a lot different from managing your personal Facebook profile. If you are not aware of the differences, this is the first thing you need to learn before even setting it up. Many businesses open up their Facebook page as a personal profile, and after time, when they realize that was not the correct way, they have already invested many hours and even money that is literally wasted. Before launching any marketing initiative it is imperative that you understand the pros and cons, the demands and requirements the initiative includes and have a clear strategy set in place before doing anything else.

HOP Group considers Facebook a powerful marketing tool, but when it is part of a bigger marketing strategy, when it is part of a major plan. Would you like to learn more? To really understand if your business is ready for Facebook? Even if it is appropriate? Let us know your doubts, request a virtual meeting today with one of our Digital Marketing Specialists specialists and let’s spend some time talking what Facebook means to a business. We are more than happy to answer any doubts you might have before setting up a budget and spending it.

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