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“What is a successful social media campaign?”

Posted by HOP Group on Jul 1, 2016 9:30:00 AM

3 Marketing strategies that answer the question: “What is a successful social media campaign?”

Today’s digital marketing inevitably must involve social media strategies in order to take advantage of the great potential of social media networks. Such strategies will enable you to engage customers in social media to interact more actively with your brand and thus gain more awareness in your target market. These might be known strategies but it is important to understand how to execute them in order to get the expected results. Ever wonder, “What is a successful social media campaign?” Here are 3 marketing strategies to boost your social media presence:


Contests and Giveaways 

Everybody loves receiving free products, its no secret. Thus many companies understand that this strategy can bring attention from potential customers. But it is important to understand that a well planned and executed strategy is designed to appeal the customer in a more profound way, so it is not only giving-away but how you give-away and deliver your brand what sets the difference.


Visual Content 

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are driven by the visual amount of information that can be found from post to post. The most immediate being visual content as it creates a direct reaction from users different from blogs, news or written content which demands the user to take more time to digest. The creation of the right visual content can generate an immediate impact in a brand’s concept and acquire fast attention if the contents get shared and even go viral though the networks.



Customer Service is crucial to stay on top of your game, it has to be managed carefully in order to maintain a healthy channel of communication that allows customers to stay in touch with your brand. The more information and insights you get from your customers, the more possibilities you will have in order to re-design strategies, adjust plans and develop better campaigns that have a greater impact on your audience.

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