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Tips to Connect with the Mobile Savvy Hispanic Teens

Posted by HOP Group on May 23, 2017, 8:00:00 AM

There is a lot of buzz on targeting the fast growing and crucial U.S. Hispanic market segment among marketers, digital marketers and sales directors. This is occasioned by the need for innovative marketing strategies that can cater for the population’s needs and generate revenue streams for companies. One of the key population sub-sets is the Hispanic teen. Not only have the U.S.Hispanics earned themselves the brand of the most digital savvy group, they also have teens with greater access to the internet across a variety of devices.


Here are the tips for connecting with these mobile savvy, big spending Hispanic teens:

Create Unique Content

Traditional marketing that involves simple translation of adverts and content is failing terribly. Even though research shows that most Hispanic teens are consuming more English content, this does not mean that marketers can simply translate ads for them. Online marketing strategies must be informed by specific cultural aspects such as family connection and the love for their language. Marketers must ensure content is relevant and can make them develop a strong connection with their brands. Forbes links sensitivity to Hispanic cultures as a key success point for executives aiming to market to this crucial group.

Utilize an Omni-Channel Approach

Multi-channel marketing approaches have earned their worth but the more potent Omni-channel strategies are taking over. Hispanic teens are active on social media and get information about sales and product offers across different platforms. They, like all other teens, are looking for seamless experiences that easily help them engage brands whether via a physical store or through a company’s mobile app or social media page.


Watch out for the Trends

Pew Hispanic points out that the youngest and most educated Latinos used mobile internet more than anyone else among U.S.Hispanics. With tablets and smartphones making it increasingly easier to connect to the internet today, digital marketers must keep their gaze on these trends to know how and when to reach this crucial sub-set.

Influencer Marketing is Key

With a majority of U.S. Hispanic teens living with their families and relatives, influence on them can inform their decisions. Since they prefer visual based Instagram to text based Twitter, marketers can utilize influencer-marketing to drive sales for their products. With some of the best beauty influencers having more than 2M followers, selling via social has worked for beauty products and can as well work for many other products and brands.


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