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The importance of email marketing

To some email marketing may sound old-fashioned but the truth is it is still as important as any other type of marketing strategy. A significant percentage of customers have reported that they like receiving offers and news by email, different to cold calling, clients can view emails at any time without interfering with their duties.

Email Marketing tips for small business owners

For any kind of company offering a product or service it is essential to know about e-mail marketing and how this can boost your figures. Sending e-mails became a sophisticated art in the world of marketing due to the bulk of e-mails you receive every day; knowing how to charm a customer to open the door to your business is part of what this new industry began to offer. The problem of receiving such a large amount of e-mails is that it makes them prone to be filtered or rejected. This is when digital marketing agencies play an important role - here are some email marketing tips for small business owners.