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What do small business owners want?

Posted by HOP Group on Sep 30, 2016 10:00:00 AM

By now starting a business can be easily done with just a few clicks and perhaps some paperwork. Not much requirements have to be fulfilled in order to begin with your new startup. But, what do small business owners want? What most entrepreneurs wonder before taking the plunge are these common factors that are worth considering very cautiously.


  • Resources

Budget is part of your resources but you can also consider other assets and goods that could help you set up your office. Among these we find

  • Physical resources. Is there a space available to set up your office?
  • Educational resources. How much of what you have learned can be useful for running your business
  • Financial resources. Savings, funds, loans, credits etc.
  • Human resources. Are you partnering up with someone who will also take on tasks and responsibilities? Will you need to hire people?
  • Costs

After evaluating your resources it is important to get an estimate of how much it will cost you to run your business. Make a list of the things and the people you will have to pay month-by-month as well as goods that are needed to manage your startup.

  • Market

Analyze and define which can be your targets, where are your potential customers, who are they and how will you reach them. Marketing strategies will help you get to the right people and engage them with your brand. You can check out our blog post on marketing tips for startups.

  • Plan and prepare

Evaluate both positive and negative scenarios. It is important to be ready for an early crisis of your startup by having back up plans or having extra funds to maintain operations running. You should also study the opposite scenario if your business does very good in a short time and you need to provide more and handle more clients.

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